Download and read #MockCOP26‘s global statement from the youth to world leaders ✊  Apathy is boring and not and option #clim4tocomp
POLICY MAKING in #Togethernessship for implementation in regional governance Seriously suggesting these youths to run a couple of policy groups, running up to COP26 with the #ClimateDialogues support and expertise.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Mock COP26 is doing well. Think about it what is there to lose on such a youth narrative (key) rather than another initiative?!
Of course silence, no professional policymaker or cop delegate would respond because they want to do it the same way they have the last 35 years. How successful the world will be in slowing CC is all in the narrative, which should come from those who face the future.
We owe it to these young people to hear their voices and help them make systemic change happen.
Mock COP26 marks the time for when the adults should step down and let our youth run the show🙏 I know you know we all know that are all, right! #TheHouseIsOnFire
Looking forward to the 2021 Mock COP26 💚💙. 
01 DECEMBER 2020
Read #MockCOP26’s treaty and letter to world leaders here: https://www.mockcop.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/20200112-MOCK-COP-Declaration.pdf
Mock COP26 (mockcop.org) aims to fill the void of this year’s postponed COP (the UN’s international climate change conference, the Conference of Parties) with an online, virtual youth conference. From the 19th November to the 1st December 2020, delegates will hear from speakers from across the globe before the event culminates with a global statement from the youth of the world.
Mock COP26 is about mobilising and building the capacity of young people to be able to actively participate in decision-making around the climate crisis. Instead of shutting them down, Mock COP26 builds up young people from across the globe, and for the first time, gives them a meaningful seat at the table. We’re engaging with the people with power, and showing them what young people have to offer.