Nordic_declarationInvitation to BOBShire’s Capitals‘ Declaration on #ClimateChange 2017

Venue and programme for the workshop need to be set,
Pre-register interest here, BOBShire @ CCCRdg .org .uk

Join the wave of change. Sign the Appel de Paris here,

Project ideas emerged from breakout groups for each of the following #RE100 challenges:


  • How to include quality of life (the social dimension) in climate-oriented city solutions
  • How to create incentives for people to choose to be ”climate smart” in their everyday choices
  • How to create city climate targets, measure progress and engage more actors
  • How to remove barriers that enable cities to implement more (and better) testbeds

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For immediate Release

For immediate Release has launched a fit for purpose replacement text for #COP21 #Paris2015 Urgent International Draft






UK – WOW! Amazing work, thanks & debriefing :)

Guy Shrubsole, Friends of the Earth’s Climate & Energy Campaigner


“Hi folks

WOW! We did it!

Huge thanks for everyone’s amazingly hard work in making yesterday’s climate march the biggest in UK history!

The People’s March for Climate, Justice & Jobs had *at least* 50,000 people on it. We spoke to the Bolivian ambassador (who else?!) near the start and she reckoned it was actually closer to 60-70,000 – either way, massive numbers and pipping 2009’s The Wave to the post for biggest climate demo ever.

It was also the most diverse climate march I can remember being on (my first was in 2005…) and, whilst there’s much more to do to make the climate / environment movement reflect and represent the diversity of our society as a whole, I hope we have now made a good start.

Thanks to recent sign-ups we now had 67 organisations mobilising for this Sunday’s demo. Hurrah!

Let’s celebrate the good news and encourage the momentum.


Images from Reading People’s March 2015

@StaticRainChris There we go – photos of Reading People’s March 28.11.15 captured by Dave Cole on last Sat. We were there!  


Hi RPM 2015 ?#?PeoplesMarchRdg?
Here’s a slideshow I made for ‘youtube’
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Dave justdave2 @ (enquiries only)


21 Dozens take part in ?#?Reading? People’s March 2015 on ?#?climatechange?


Hi, this is the blog & photos of the ?#?Rdg? | ?#?Greenpeace? Greenwire ?#?UK?


Sorry there are so many pics, but there were just so many people. If you see yourself, feel free to tag away, or if you don’t want to see yourself pm me and I will remove the photo. Even more to come of the After March Rally at the Town Hall.

?#?PeoplesMarch? 2015. 300+ honourable ?#?Changemakers? and great speakers too


#?peoplesmarchrdg? Peoples Climate March through Reading next week on 28 November


RT Images sent out for press syndication today from the banner drop?#?RdgUK? ?#?PeoplesMarchRdg? ?#?RUSU? ?#?COP21?

#PeoplesMarchRdg 28th NOV

For immediate RELEASE: Community Event

Reading People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs, 28th November 2015

Gaia needs you! – It is time to act!


Walk with us on Saturday 28th from Christ Church to the Town Hall Reading or join in at any point along the route. (Assemble 12 noon tea and coffee, get organised)

Exciting speakers announced for the 28th November

Join us afterwards at the Town Hall from 2:15 for welcome by the Mayor; music and speakers (including 10:10, Campaign Against Climate Change, Quakers, Global Justice Now, National Trust, Green Party, and Deputy Leader of the Council)
This weekend, people across the world will join together and make a spectacular stand. Marches and creative actions are planned globally – and Reading will be a part of that as communities join together for a message of hope and optimism.
We are delighted to announce an amazing range of people who will speak at Reading People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs this Saturday. Be sure to look out for some Local Champions too marching with us throughout the demonstration and speak in the Town Hall!
We have worked hard to bring the big issues facing us in Britain and across the world to the protest – from fracking, to flooding, to the need for investment in renewables and jobs.
We want everyone to leave the day inspired and ready for action.

Climate change affects everyone, it is a global issue People are already facing the furious impacts of environmental devastation through floods, droughts, landslides, and typhoons

Be part of the global solution People all over the globe will be marching on 28th and 29th November to mark the beginning of the COP21 summit in Paris.

If there is an issue that is important to you and your friends, then make a banner, make placards, form a bloc and let your voices be heard!

Leaders must listen when hundreds of thousands of people march and demand that they support ambitious action on climate change and injustice.

  • No to dirty energy (fossil fuels)
  • Yes to renewables
  • Yes to Justice for People and the Planet
  • Yes to new Climate Change related clean jobs
  • Yes to sustainable development NOW
  • Yes to science and clean tech for the future


We believe that change is possible and within our reach if we stand together.

Check website for updates and information

 For further information, please contact Carl, Eleanor, Julia or Suzie at climate @