Are we going back to normal? #COVID_19


The IPCC in 2030-target reports says, by cutting ghg CO2 (only) in half (about 6%/yr) and stable numbers of carbon sinks gives us a 50/50 chance to stay under 2 C degrees #globalheating. This gives us of course no safety margin.

Not being on top of this problem will only increase the problem as #climateimpact goes both ways. Note, the CC is an immediate threat (civilisational collapse). Once again, our world is ONE integrated problem.

Hope – The trend of rising from the ashes of the corona virus is not enough.

Eg. South Africa –

– Food shortage (from years of draught)

– Health services shortage

– Poverty


+ Virus (Lung infection (many already w/ lower lung capacity due to #airpollution))


= Desperation

How to approach the come-back path by choosing the best recovery direction from reopening the “Gates of consequences” is an unknown.

Our existing economy is optimised, without any contingency (redundancy). Insufficient for disaster abruptions.

Only a GREEN (in harmony with nature) stimulus plan can absorb the shock waves that will come after this. Expect more mortality with at least 50 years of severe cascading climate disruptions. #monoclimate

These crises must be turned around with UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION and VOICE ACTIVISM #DivestNobel. #PCD11