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Finally a NEW conversion tool, the Light numbers (SOL)!


The Egyptian Cubit aligned with, Light speed 300,000,000 m/s #theCC The significance of Universal Measurement Realignment is the implication of understanding the patterns.–The algorithmic cause and effect at the intrinsic and explicit level of systemic planetary homeostasis. From there, the cascading goals and strategies can be accurately mapped and assessed relative to our current state, paving the way for impeccable choices back into harmonic cadences as a Whole.

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Moonthly weekday chakra calendar

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Moonthly weekday chakra calendar

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Happie NEW yr 2023 6+1

The Sun-star Surya (Mitra) keeps everything in place while the biggest sphere/s orders the Position of the planets.

#MEarth midjectivly observing/sensing the system while in #Togethernessship orbiting Surya (Mitra)

👉 Follow the line throughout the 4 weeks in the Moon calendar (13 Moonths, 13 spheres 6+1+6). Via the visible Sun ellipse through Jupiter/Saturn space 💫 to the other side’s Black Sun ellipse and its sightless dark horses 🌌

Half the Moonday encompasses also MEarthday.

#sixplusone breakdown
– another NEW WORLD DISCOVERY’The Sharps of the Spheres’

Pluto Tuesday – 2 Turquoise C
Uranus Friday – 3 Blue D
Eris Black Sunday – 4 Indigo E
Moon X Monday – 5 Purple F
Neptune Wednesday – 6 Red G
Vulcan 8 Saturday – 7 Yellow A
Jupiter 5 Thursday – 8 Light B green
The holistic Solar system ↓ ↑
Jupiter 5 Thursday – 9 Purple B
Saturn 7 Saturday – 8 Indigo A
Mercury 4 Wednesday – 7 Blue G
Moon 2 Monday – 6 Green F
Sun/MEarth 1 Sunday – 5 Yellow E
Venus 6 Friday – 4 Orange D
Mars 3 Tues – 3 Red C

#MEarth midjectivly observing/sensing the system while in #Togethernessship orbiting Surya (Mitra)

Your resonance depends on how much u resonate or/and your position. Believe 😺

#Climatecrisis: Children are going to be in the business of survival

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Sacred Geometry Decoders believe that the concept of a Tree of light with different nodes encompassing aspects of Xx1.2 traces its origins back to the ancient (bc) duodecimal (12-based) system. The beginnings of the #Encodex Divine Ratio are traced back by scholars to the measurements of the Great Pyramid relating to Anno mundi, originating from the last ice-age, through the Great flood. However, the early historical instances of the sacred geometry light diagrams appeared in millennials later in the six cradles of civilisation pre the Greek/Roman classical era. The origin of The Tree of Light is unknown.

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