Moonthly weekday chakra calendar

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Moonthly weekday chakra calendar

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Happie NEW yr 2023 6+1

The Sun-star Surya (Mitra) keeps everything in place while the biggest sphere/s orders the Position of the planets.

#MEarth midjectivly observing/sensing the system while in #Togethernessship orbiting Surya (Mitra)

👉 Follow the line throughout the 4 weeks in the Moon calendar (13 Moonths, 13 spheres 6+1+6). Via the visible Sun ellipse through Jupiter/Saturn space 💫 to the other side’s Black Sun ellipse and its sightless dark horses 🌌

Half the Moonday encompasses also MEarthday.

#sixplusone breakdown
– another NEW WORLD DISCOVERY’The Sharps of the Spheres’

Pluto Tuesday – 2 Turquoise C
Uranus Friday – 3 Blue D
Eris Black Sunday – 4 Indigo E
Moon X Monday – 5 Purple F
Neptune Wednesday – 6 Red G
Vulcan 8 Saturday – 7 Yellow A
Jupiter 5 Thursday – 8 Light B green
The holistic Solar system ↓ ↑
Jupiter 5 Thursday – 9 Purple B
Saturn 7 Saturday – 8 Indigo A
Mercury 4 Wednesday – 7 Blue G
Moon 2 Monday – 6 Green F
Sun/MEarth 1 Sunday – 5 Yellow E
Venus 6 Friday – 4 Orange D
Mars 3 Tues – 3 Red C

#MEarth midjectivly observing/sensing the system while in #Togethernessship orbiting Surya (Mitra)

Your resonance depends on how much u resonate or/and your position. Believe 😺

#Climatecrisis: Children are going to be in the business of survival

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Sacred Geometry Decoders believe that the concept of a Tree of light with different nodes encompassing aspects of Xx1.2 traces its origins back to the ancient (bc) duodecimal (12-based) system. The beginnings of the #Encodex Divine Ratio are traced back by scholars to the measurements of the Great Pyramid relating to Anno mundi, originating from the last ice-age, through the Great flood. However, the early historical instances of the sacred geometry light diagrams appeared in millennials later in the six cradles of civilisation pre the Greek/Roman classical era. The origin of The Tree of Light is unknown.

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