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BerksCAN – Time to Act
Climate Change Motion to Berkshire Borough Councils

Motion to RBC – Climate Change – Post-Carbon Economy

Please help support this motion by sharing widely and writing to your local political representatives to encourage their support. Open the Motion in .pdf-format here

Email to request a copy of the motion to the Council on Wednesday 8th April 2015 on the Post-Carbon Economy.

Your elected representatives have a moral duty of care to protect the community and your children. Are your elected representatives fulfilling their duty of care? Do they understand the gravity of the scientific advice being given to them? Are they acting on your behalf? Are they voting for action? Are they putting pressure on national government to acknowledge the threat and strongly respond on your behalf?

Carbon emissions are rising not falling. Its clear that many of your representatives are not acting in the interest of current and future generations to protect from the damaging effects of climate change. BerksCAN!’s view is that this is immoral, unjust and reprehensible and must change as per the scientific advice given to them. We cannot condemn current and future generations to the clear growing danger that is becoming increasingly evident.

The community must respond and demand action commensurate with the scientific knowledge to face up to this issue Write to your representative. Let BerksCAN! know the response.

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