Combining of #theDD n’ #TheCC
>>> RElationship between the three Pyramids(Pentainmids) @theGizaPlateau. Acknowledgement of the true Light speed 186624 Niles/sec (300.000.000m/sec) plus yrs of in-numbers lead to the following conclusion;

The cycle of life from the birth of numbers to REsurrection 1.5

The Egyptian spreadsheet in ‘Royal cubits (rc)’ of our solar system cunningly designed in the Giza Plateau 1728rc /1440rc, GP footprint #Gizasigil.

#gizasigil Giza plateau


I’m the middle is the Sun-pyramid watched over by the cat-lion the Sphinx1.119488

In 36° southwest the ideal M∞n/MEarth-pyramid (Base1080)

In 54° northeast the GREat pyramid of light speed /1.08/1.08 → REsurrection

For natural REgeneration to take place 2/3 of pure environment needed, #cleantake.


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