The ONLY Climate CO2lution

10 bullet points for survival to avoid underground living –> #G20 #COP26Summit ~ #COP27 and beyond.. #ClimateChangeAwareness #ClimateSummit2021 #ClimateAction

  • The Straight of Gibraltar to become a barrier (Messinian again)
  • Disconnect the Mediterranean Sea from the oceans
  • Turn the Mediterranean to a brack-water sea
  • The world’s population give up everything and move to a doughnut area around the Mediterranean Sea
  • Settle within a 400 mile radius around the Sacred Mediterranean Sea
  • Sit tight for 12 years, the planet needs to rest
  • Or, as long its needed for the climate to restore balance
  • Assurance, humanity will be fine growing food locally, using desalinated water
  • World to unite, total arms control and disarmament, shared economy, finally
  • Not one person will sign up to this fun experience – wonder why?


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