Truth is the birth right of every being. Accordingly, the research and tools created by CCCRG are open source to utilize, share, and build upon. We kindly ask that you reference CCCRG for any and all usage to ensure sequential records are maintained as we rebuild the lost chronicles.

Visioneering our future is a collective endeavour, and we welcome collaboration from each and every unique perspective as we step back into universal unification:


“Consider Climate Change in every action”~Climate Change Centre Reading

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Climate Change Centre Reading

Welcome to the Climate Change Centre Reading. We support and strive for the development of productive, results-driven carbon reduction strategies for organisations in the Thames Valley Business Community.

This is about you and your STEM relations and it´s urgent! Our climate will continue to change. From a local Berkshire perspective we can react to that change in a positive way by understanding and homeostatically working with the laws of universal order.

Rather than waiting for legislation, think about what impact business, academia, community  and local government can make by meeting together, and exceeding set carbon targets.

“Consider Climate Change in every action”~Climate Change Centre Reading

Climate Change Centre Reading
copyright appears annually as a “Climate Change Centre Reading” logotype on many of applications and other products.

CCCRdg (written in stone) is working to promote Climate Change Centre Reading learning solutions in a range of educational settings and environments. Direct link to our new paper ‘The Divinity Codec’ here,

Visit us at Keep Business Local 27 October to 3 November 2019 Reading, Location:
Hall 8, Stand B40

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