Is it too late to advert the #climatecrises?

#QuestforEmpathy – Rupert Read (full episode)
(Rupert Read is an author, teacher and spokesperson for the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion. His latest book is “This Civilisation Is Finished.”) #CLIMATEEMERGENCY

Extinction Rebellion’s spokesperson Dr Rupert Read is appeared on the podcast show The Quest for Global Empathy 18/09/19 @ 5pm BST.

Promo / Highlight clips

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1 – Extinction Rebellion’s Rupert Read: It’s not too late [YouTube | File Download

2 – Rupert Read explains COLLAPSE [YouTube | File Download]

3 – Rupert Read explains “the beautiful coincidence” [YouTube | File Download

4 – Rupert Read & Myles Dyer discuss dealing with despair [YouTube | File Download]  

5 – Rupert Read on XR & how to join the fight for climate justice [YouTube | File Download]

6 – Myles Dyer & Rupert Read debate driverless cars [YouTube | File Download]

7 – Rupert Read states nuclear power is NOT the answer [YouTube | File Download]

8 – Myles Dyer’s hopeful vision of the future [YouTube | File Download]

9 – Rupert Read presents one fact that will blow your mind [YouTube | File Download]

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