a quantum manifest for collective REalignment 

The Divine ONE L1ght sySTEM, with Sond and Scent
The Precise Royal Cubit – by Paisley Deslin

The Divinity DΦdeca REintroduces the Egyptian Royal Cubit as the Universal Standard Unit of Measurement. The significance of which is REvealed in the REcalibration of the true Speed of Light.

This is the key to REconnecting humanity to the universal fREquencies of CREation: UnlimitedSource Energy.

This 120 page manuscript unites the Sciences behind the Spirituality of our REawakening, outlining precise measurement corrections that will support our collective evolutionary progress as we move away from material separation into an experience manifested through Conscious unification.

Our entire ecosystem has now become vulnerable to human activities and settlements; the choices made in the unconscious state. REunification with divine order through understanding Sacred Geometry will provide humanity with the knowledge required to course correct and exponentially evolve in a free flowing, harmonic energetic state from which to manifest.


#Everything12 #d1lss



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