In the twelfth hour – No flow @all

Prepping for 3 C degrees

Predicting rising temperatures by 3 C (+30 – 40 yrs) degrees, is a temperature no body can cope with.

This is an impossible equation.

Daily Mail

Before our very eyes the Arctic is disappearing from only 1.5 C (150 yrs) degrees global heating.

It is likely the whole continent will disappear in 30-40 years and so could 50% of the global human population. This pure continent vanished, replaced with dark blue, filled with human disaster debris is such a disgrace we should already now rename it the ‘Human Failure Circle’.

In 2019 the elite are fully aware of climate change global heating, suddenly stating that the human race CAN SURVIVE! They are fully aware that in the last 50 years we have already wiped out 50% of spices, urbanised 50% of all natural land. There are zero % spaces left on the planet to pollute. All this in one lifetime cannot happen, REVENGE IS COMING whether you like it or not. It is going to hit humans where it hurts most. So instead of dreaming of new worlds to conquer, first clean up the mess you have left behind. Historically businesses have left it to the vulnerable to deal with – It’s game over.

Here is a business challenge – Do you hope your business will take care of you and your family when the average temperature has doubled from 1.5 to 3 degrees C? Or, do you expect by then some volunteer relief organisation will sort out your life and your family members?

Business as usual. Connected or not we’re in the last few life boats.
I can tell you then – big business crash n’ burn mentality wishing for dodgy politicians to subsidise or bail out your company is no longer going to work.

Because the PROBLEM is irreversible, I can whisper to you humankind’s final solution. GET BEHIND THE SDGS ASAP #GETBEHINDTHESDGS – (The Paris Agreement is SDG13)

We have to use a new language, In Togethernessship, We Must Try, because no corporate solution on it’s own CAN HANDLE what’s coming. Or, believe me, military will intervene worldwide sooner than you can imagine. What future of collapsing societies is that to look forward too., what was the point?

If I was given the domain I would make reservations


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One thought on “In the twelfth hour – No flow @all”

  1. “We are not yet there,” Mr. Guterres said, adding that we are “still losing the race” against climate change.
    “But there is a change in momentum. Largely this change in momentum was due to your [Greta Thunberg’s] initiative, and to the courage with which you have started this movement.”
    “Millions around the world [are] saying clearly, not only that they want change, not only that decision makers must change, but they want them to be accountable,” he added.
    “I have granddaughters. I want them to live in a livable planet. My generation has a huge responsibility. It is your generation that must hold us accountable to make sure we don’t betray the future of humankind.”~SG/A.G.

    #ClimateAction 2019 Yearbook, Pathways Lend Clarity to #ClimateCrisis Response #COP25 #Madrid

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