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Alexander Van der Bellen, we are as excited for his speech tomorrow,  Tuesday as you are! 🎤
Austrian Federal president @vanderbellen has been a dedicated environmentalist since the beginning of his political career and traditionally takes over patronage of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT.

Quickly address the Ukraine War and geopolitical fallout.


According to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human-induced climate change has caused widespread adverse impacts on ecosystems, people, settlements, and infrastructure resulting from observed increases in the frequency and intensity of climate and extreme weather events such as heatwave, powerful cyclone, heavy precipitation events leading to flood, drought, and wildfire.

Climate change (CC), the loss of nature and persistent poverty are complex problems threatening our societies, economies and ecosystems.

Ensuring Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) can influence decision-making, have agency over environment and development actions, and control over finances and resources is important as active agents of change. The green global South will identify the challenges and build momentum for the uptake of critical solutions and drive forward the transformation needed at all levels to enhance support for just, equitable and locally-led solutions through the decade ahead.

The role of locally-led action for people, nature and climate, and proposes recommendations for governments, multilateral development banks and global funds to drive change through support for local level decision-making over resources and finance.

Multiple estimates has gone wrong simply cos global warming is trapping heat faster and faster with feedback added. Scale is not comprehended, urban growth, the sole main factor putting natural environment in decline.

How can so called stake holders go about?

A day of thought-provoking (changing) talks and discussions on how global climate change is acting as a threat multiplier, accelerating and intensifying hazard risks, and how stake holders navigate the future pre the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh in addressing ‘Loss and Damage’, climate mitigation and adaptation.

/IRDR 12th Annual Conference – Disaster Risk, Loss and Damage, or Action


So go with the flow put the bagel in the middle, the planet already divided in 400+ regions – perfect.

Adopt a stake holder organisation for each region, keep it local.

“We have drawn lessons from previous state-level summits on climate: we must change our way of thinking and doing. It’s time. Decisions coming from the top do not work, it is out of the science and field-level that initiatives must be born. If all the regions and cities of the world take concrete action, unite their efforts and create a value chain with businesses as well as public and private investors, around portfolios of real projects in the green economy sector (energy, efficiency, renewable energy, storage, waste management, water management and green jobs), then we will have a real chance of halting the climate fluctuations and redesigning our economic model based on energy transition. We will need everyone to reach an agreement at COP This is why we are calling on all leaders of regions, cities and local government, all businesses and investors, to join us in a better future for our children.”~A.S.2014

Recommendations for non-state actors, time for action. Really a Climate #Scienceaction opportunity (operative), with United Nations normative Climate Action Agenda it’s a match made in Heaven. The success of Climate Chance 2017 offer a mandate to go ahead and fulfil an important role, the urgency of implementation of the SDGs together with the Loss & Damage agenda.

Debated was a proposed platform/facility for Multi-actors governance and Multi-stakeholders to carry out this future operative role. An independent UN Partner for Decentralized Urban/Rural Cooperation to Assess and Enhance Strategic Effectiveness of the UN perhaps?

Follow suit of Climate Chance Stakeholder Org, France for a great successful operative stake holder initiative. Ready to multiply by 200 this year another 200 next year. Easy peasy, but we’re out of time. There are about 10 similar orgs like ICLE, Munich RE, IIED IISG, UNDRR, The Marrakech Partnership, FEMP, CCRE CEMR, GIZ, SEEDS India, CEEW + +


Terminate pollution – No time to waste, time management

What comes after disaster events – Extinction events ~ 1/3 survival rate.


Why and how to recognise and enshrine Ecocide in international Law

  • creates rule to prevent serious harm to nature
  • compliments human rights to a clean and healthy environment
  • protects eco systems in an off themselves from the worst harms

Stop Ecocide –


After thoughts? Check out Arnold’s Stammtisch –


Why so little life in our universe?, Cos planets resets


Of course climate change has affected the Moon, our closed body and will return soon with another unknown CC feed-back effect to prepare for. I wonder if it not already started resonate with a few unusual colour spectra.

Human caused CC can be compared with a human caused comet event.
What needed is change, change of direction <>

It’s still possible to have impact before actual impact happens. Will it solve the problem, it will slow the problem – How long for?, until the next disaster.

Humankind has caused many disasters. Scale is a human problem. Are we the problem?

Survival Ego cannot survive from catastrophic events so the EGO must be controlled, then addressed.



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Climate Chance World Summit – Agadir declaration of climate actors

WooW Ecopreneurs,

I took part in 2nd Climate Chance World Summit 4 days of recommendations for non-state actors, time for action. Really a Climate Chance action opportunity (operative), with United Nations normative Climate Action Agenda it’s a match made in Heaven. The success of Climate Chance 2017 offer a mandate to go ahead and fulfil an important role, the urgency of implementation of the SDGs together with the New Urban Agenda.

Debated was a proposed platform for Multi-actors governance and Multi-stakeholders to carry out this future operative role. An independent UN Partner for Decentralized Urban Cooperation to Assess and Enhance Strategic Effectiveness of UN perhaps?

With the new much needed global grassroots platform for Climate Innovation Labs Ecopreneurs for the Climate has an impacting role to play. An instrument for facilitative dialouge in bridging the gap between non-state climate organisers and implementers engaged in the fight against climate change 🙂 #COP23 #WUF9 #Cities4All #Cities2030

Climate Change Centre Reading / Ecopreneurs for the Climate in Reading

(Ecopreneurs for the Climate, a glocal community of climate practice, a global network of climate innovation labs #ECO4CLIM17) Priorities should be aimed at resilience and urban disaster response with reinsurance ~ “Leaving no one behind”


The Climate Chance World Summit 2017 has just ended in Agadir, Morocco. With 5,000 participants from 80 nationalities, this summit represents a real success and reinforces the Climate Chance approach as a framework for enhanced cooperation between non-State actors.

#ccagadir2017: Launch of local and regional elected representatives of Africa to mobilize African civil society.

Please find here the text of the Agadir Declaration by climate actors, adopted at the closing plenary of the Summit this Wednesday 13 September.

The #Agadir declaration of the non-state Climate Actors “Intensify together action and ambition” #OnePlanet #Katowice #COP24

This declaration was prepared with the focal points of the major groups recognized by the UN (environmental NGOs, trade unions, businesses, local governments, indigenous peoples, youth, women and so forth.). It has already been signed by a significant number of the leading world networks of climate actors (CGLU, ICLEI, NRG4SD, R20, C40, YOUNGO, AIMF, CAN, WECF, CSI/ITUC, IPACC…)

Entitled “Stepping up climate action and goals together” w/ the #MarrakeshPartnership #PlanetClimate #OnePlanetSummit, this declaration, which follows on from the two previous declarations from the “Climate and territories – Lyon, 2015” and “Climate Chance – Nantes, 2016” Summits, is not meant to be yet another declaration of intent, but rather a specific roadmap to backup and roll out concrete action more widely in local territories and consolidate the frameworks for dialogue between non-State and national government climate actors, particularly in connection with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Climate Chance place particular emphasis on the importance of the facilitative dialogue planned for 2018 and the need to reassess States’ ambition as set out in their voluntary contributions (NDCs), which could draw on the mobilization and capacity for action of their climate actors who are still frequently ignored or undervalued.

We agree with its points – content and are proud to be a signatory for the “Déclaration d’Agadir / Climate Chance World Summit of climate actors” to be presented at COP23 etc.

– The necessity for a common approach regarding climate and development;
– The necessity for an easier access to finance, particularly for actors in developing States;

– Key point for this non-State actors’ roadmap: to get ready to contribute to the evaluation of the 2018 voluntary contributions (NDCs), each State will present to the Paris Agreement framework.

As an vital driver for urban resilience progress;
– Being an operational stakeholder and partner with non-governmental actors, civil society and private sectors at all levels for urgent implementation.

We fully support The declaration of Local and Subnational Leaders of Africa « Fighting against climate change in Africa together »

Wouldn’t we prefer to see purpose-driven agenda, with one purpose to sustain, all urban human activities..

The declaration focuses especially on the challenges of adaptation, access to funding and the importance of the thematic coalitions and sectoral plans of action. It stresses the willingness of non-State climate actors to work more closely with the scientific community pending the next IPCC reports and pays homage to the mobilization of American elected representatives, businesses, researchers and NGOs through the “We are still in” initiative.