Planet A has a fever!!! #TooYoungToDie

BREAKING The BIG MELT has begun.
With the recent ongoing widespread and catastrophic melting it’s likely through the period 2019-26 that all white has vanished. From 12 years reporting on #GlobalHeating.

12 years ago, “What will happen when all the white is gone?” Since WWII our #OnePlanet had 60 years of toxic pollution (1945-2005), plus 60 years of changing climate (1975-2035), on top we experience 60 years of climate disasters (2005-2065).

Earth to set global #DRR standard for Climate Disaster Governance by showing #ClimateAmbition leadership and beyond. Emphasis on relentless #ClimateDisaster, inaction will have unimaginable costs.

#Kuwait high temperature up to 63 c outdoors and 52.2 c in the shade.
Recently, Kuwait experienced heatwave high temperature up to 63 c outdoors and 52.2 c in which the umbrella came out to remind the public, especially the children and elderly, avoid coming out in the informing and there are 1 fatalities from heatstroke from the impact of hot weather. The Ministry of energy reveals that there is a high power of electricity to 14360 Megawatt per day. Increase 3.5 per cent
From the highest temperature record ever recorded in the world is at 56.7 Death Valley, Furnace Creek Ranch, California Year 1913 the latest world organisation meteorological organisation is doing the verification of the confirm if this is a new record.

Source › content Kuwait heat: Kuwait City makes claim of 63 degrees Celsius, WMO yet to declare it as new … › Explained Fact Check: 63°C claim from Kuwait — is it really a world record? | Explained News, The Indian …

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