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2019 Global Platform (Geneva, Switzerland): The Sixth Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on 13-17 May, 2019.

Climate Change Centre Reading-Innovation platform at the 2019 Global Platform_ innovative approaches in disaster risk reduction

Climate Change Centre Reading has over the years participated and been representing in several consultations and offered professional advice. 2015 was a turning point when the global community finally realised the dangers and threats that are upon our people’s health and good well-being. Since 2015, ambition and inclusive are the keyword top down to local level. Why has it not happened in British councils? The partial conclusion is that these patterns and powers behind the New Local Plans need to be investigated, challenged and dealt with;

Climate Change – Paris Agreement – The Sendai Framework, DRR in relation to all towns and cities futures, conclusion is that these patterns and powers behind them need to be investigated, challenged and dealt with;

  1. The Public NLP Consultation does Not have a risk-impact assessment in place, these schemes will affect all local resident’s work/life balance for the next 17 years…
    Protection of People and Assets counties and regions etc…
  2. Prosperity for a Healthy Economy. Looking at this globally, you might save £££ in any other cases, the point is that investing in resilience always pays, a genuine risk assessment will half the costs instead of doing it after planning approval.
  3. Why has your municipality Not carried out a Model Risk-Impact Evaluation Plan? How does the NLP align with gov’s new 20-year environment plan? Additional policy on strengthening existing networks of habitats, taking air quality fully into account. Development within National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty should be limited. Implications for policy on areas defined as Heritage Coast. Protection for ancient woodland and other irreplaceable habitats, by making clear that development resulting in their loss or deterioration should be wholly exceptional and maintains a high level of protection for individual aged or veteran trees found outside these areas. Balance between protecting these important natural assets, while allowing development to proceed in the very limited circumstances where it would have significant public benefits…
  4. What is an interesting fact, with the Mayor’s knowledge local government lack of risk awareness there seem to be no interest from responsible public bodies nor parties to repair for damage done and trying to catch up for 4 years of lost time with climate damage control measures that has yet Not been implemented in the NLP local planning policy.
  5. In the NLP consultation, the use of references in public responses and remarks to the NPPF framework is false and directly deceiving by Mayor, the Strategic Environment, Planning & Transport Committee, the  and Planning Section | Directorate of Environment as the whole New Local Plan doc. is based on old planning policies, plans/strategies, documentation, sub-documentation and sustainability appraisals with references to sustainability appraisal scoping report and duty to co-operate scoping strategy – Not up-to-date.
  6. The NLP consultation claim it is an open and transparent planning process. When it comes to decision making, for many of the residents and for a clear majority of objectors it is certainly not open and transparent. As an increase of planning objections resulting in no changes proofing the case. Your town or city is not disclosing its GHG emissions data, managing climate disaster risk impact and cutting emissions. Instead of engaging with all non-state stakeholders and together planning for a smooth urban transition the municipality’s inaction will lead to an increase in residents impacted by planning fraud causing harm.

“It is not considered that there is any reason to make amendments to the Sustainability Appraisal Framework for the purposes of undertaking this appraisal. The Framework was produced recently, in 2014, and is therefore reasonably up-to-date. The Local Plan is concerned with strategic issues and does not have a limited scope that might necessitate amending the Framework.”

ACT as your house is on fire. Because it is.

#GP2019Geneva #TheResilienceDividend #SendaiFramework

ClimateChangeCentreReading-2019 Global Platform DRR _Innovative approaches in disaster risk reduction

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