Climate Disaster Emergency

I’m a Boston Rebellion, in #Togethernessship with millions against sitting #localgov. PD’s call out Climate Disaster Emergency – By doing so we, ‘the people’s demands’ (PD’s) globally call all town and city councils, municipalities to align all planning and decision making in harmony with the natural Earth comeback, with the Ecological Precautionary principle.
Instead of planners and decision makers wreaking the planet with outdated and unsustainable ruling – rogue urban development. From 2020 these acts will be considered as criminal and those responsible will be held to account.

First all towns and cities to recognise the “CITIZENS’UNIVERSAL DECLARATION*” implementing urgently needed energy transition plans to shift, from fossil fuels to renewable energy without delay, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at once. Stop relying on fossil fuels and initiate an urgent shift to a carbon-neutral society without any further delay.

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    Are you ready to consider action steps that you can take today?

    In case you missed the first step, please see and read the following articles to help you see how you can begin to teach Climate Change in your school…

    How to protect your Climate while in a school setting?
    How to incorporate Climate Change information in your class lesson plan without jeopardizing your job security
    How to show students how to role model climate protection action for politicians, union leaders and school administrators

    When you read those articles, you may start to generate new ideas and experience a sense of enthusiasm. That’s great! Just know that not everyone is ready for your new energy. If you show up to school and make radical changes all at once, you may find yourself facing pushback that is too much to handle. (I have made this mistake on more than one occasion, in more than one place of work. When people feel off balance by radical change, they tend to either yell at you or they leave you out of the group. So learn from me!)

    Here’s my theory…

    If you take small steps each day to learn and role model climate protection behaviours, you will become inspirational, influential and invaluable.

    With 97% of Climate scientists in agreement on the existence of Climate Change, there is definitely a future for learning and delivering the facts about how Climate Change is already and will be affecting us and our future generations.

    Follow the data. Yes, we realise that life is already stressful and the thought of adding one more thing to your day may push you beyond what you think you can handle. We also realise that like every task, you have to actually start doing the activity in order to appreciate that task. We want you to be efficient at your daily routine, protect your environment and protect your job security all at the same time. Tall order!

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    Here is the link to the first UN CC:Learn video again …

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