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When all the ice has melted, first I will be Warm and then I will be Cold.

Stay up to date with the analysis and outcomes of Disaster Risk Reduction and International Law Symposium 2017 by our Reading blog posts.

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2 #DRR Disaster Risk Reduction – “#Duty-to-Inform”

Participatory meetings to get to concrete catastrophe risk insurance solutions – “Duty-to-Inform”

How to bring international law governing disasters up to speed with the global challenges that we face.

Experts say we have three years to save the planet

International law must comply by 2020 latest with national #disasterlaw

DRR Umbrella

Zika virus unexpected

Soft and hard law

No disaster database in the UK

Sendai framework working for the Tsunami 2004

Bad disaster data, need to measure more 2013-18

Risk governance critical and more..

UN ECOSOC group Science & Technology

Assessment, synthesis, scientific advisory monitoring and review

Communication engagement and capacity development


We all own

Global outcome – Law look together

Guiding principles – Consistent with domestic law international obligations and commitments

Priorities for actions

Protecting human rights, missing ethics


Space hazards, biosphere

International health regulations 2007

Global health security Agenda 2014

Check on compliance for implementation important

May 2017 Cancun

Paper: Health emergency disaster and management research group

Peer review Formal platforms to deliver rule of law

Civil contingency act


Enhance global regulation mechanisms such protection of persons at event of disaster

Review Statistics to inform policies on DRR

You cannot manage what you can’t measure

Practical, sensible

Reduce mortality, effected people, economic loss and damage to critical infrastructure in construction and basic services (Hospitals, healthcare, education facilities and their functioning)

Increase ability to have national DRR assessment strategies, risk assessments International cooperating and access to early warning systems and DRR information and assessment that need to be deliver to all by 2030.

Is it more important to implement disaster law before development, economic growth and prosperity?  The two sustainability models don’t go hand in hand up to 2030, on the contrary should be kept separate, would you agree?


Three of the indicators;

Compound indicators
Number of deaths, variable definitions
Number of missing persons

Cancun comment;
It highlighted the resilience of sustainable investment depend on ability to insure integration and coherence across policy instruments and regulatory frameworks for all.

UN landmark agreement Habitat

House standard G

Deaths/Missing – Mortality


UK focal point UK Sendai framework


Legislation 2012 bad year (secretary in cabinet office)


Civil continues planning preventing responding to hazards

Risk linked to ligament planning department

Support Cobra if anything goes wrong
Common Recognise Information Pictures CRIPS – What’s going on?

Civil Contingencies Unit, act dates from 2004


UK doctrine

Subsidiarity (Top/Down – Bottom Up – Cancun), Continuity

Peace times and war times operations no separated

Based on Risk cycle how we treat risk – National risk assessment

Identify likely risks (100) with impact level based on evidence – common consequences

Prevent and mitigate risk – Recovery plans

Pandemic flu, coastal flooding and catastrophic terror attacks

Us together with NHS, Public England


Cyber-attack limited (new cyber security centre) + physical damage?

Rest – National reconciliation planning assumptions


Expect departments / councils to have preparedness if

Chemical releases and rubble, debris

Human fertilities and human casualties

Disruption in central services like transport


Government activities

Mass fertilities – Home office

Central services

Supporting work streams


Horizontal cross risk scanning and vertical scanning

Forecasts short/long term



Rebuild and restore retake communities


Build back better and adopt to the new normal


Risk Reduction policies (CONTEST, Channel programme)

Prevent (cause radicalisation)

  • Pursue
  • Protect
  • Prepare


Emergencies are acute

Met office Public Heath – Turn on radiator in winter Keep cool in summer


Focal point

Sendai is narrative building, raising situational awareness – new language

Disaster Risk Reduction vs Risk Reduction management

Are disaster management services the main duty-bearers to roll out DRR?

In the new Urban Agenda, are military services the main duty-bearers to roll out disaster risk reduction services?

Inform, Influence and Persuade


How can law and legal considerations assist in transitioning to better risk management through reduce vulnerability rather just preparing for responding to risks?

How far has public international law context placed explicit duties on government authorities to reduce risk?


How has that international humanitarian law aspects, particulate relay to population affected by disasters how does that interact with domestic civil protection law?

How can humanitarian law that interact with civil protection law?

What aspect in our recent developments in international law need to be reflective in our existing doctrine of our related policies?


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