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The role of non-state actors

Heading to COP22, Marrakech after featuring prominently at COP21 will be the community of non?state actors, chief among them cities, regions and businesses. A conference on low?carbon technologies will bring together representatives from the top universities. And the “Women Leaders and the Global Transformation” summit planned for November 16, 2016 will host women politicians, NGO chairs and CEOs in Marrakech, Morocco (See Close?Up: “chennai online dating chat“).

#ParisAgreement #AccordDeParis #NewUrbanAgenda #NuevaAgendaUrbana #ReadingCouncil #Habitat3 #SDGs #GlobalGoals #Agenda2030 #Go100RE #Localgov #Women4Climate
#ParisAgreement #AccordDeParis #NewUrbanAgenda #NuevaAgendaUrbana #ReadingCouncil #Habitat3 #SDGs #GlobalGoals #Agenda2030 #Go100RE #Localgov #Women4Climate


Women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit Under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI

In the Context of the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and the historic Paris Climate Agreement at COP21, both followed by the perspective COP22 in Marrakech, the Kingdom of Morocco is convening a worldwide summit on Women Leaders and Global Transformation needed to bring humanity on a low carbon economy trajectory. Through an impressive gathering of active women leaders in different sectors, from all horizons (business CEOs, City Mayors, NGO activists , Politicians, Scientists) this unique Summit was an opportunity to reiterate the new paradigm shift this is happening globally in the area of sustainable development, climate mitigation and adaptation due to solutions provided by women.

Women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit took place Wednesday, 16 November, Palmeraie Golf Palace – Marrakech, Morocco

White Paper “Women, health and climate, moving on in #togethernessship towards #Call4Climate@COP22”

Strongly mobilized via the call of 08 December 2015 at the COP21, the networks Supplement of Women and Sustainable Development continue to alert by launching a white paper entitled “Women, health, climate, move together towards the COP22 and beyond” Of the conference of 16 November 2016 with the Ministry of Families for Children and Women’s Rights, the Ministry of Environment Morocco at Palmeraie Golf Palace – Marrakech. This publication gathers 22 testimonies of women and men, from the private or public sphere, working in their own way against climate change and its impact on women and health.

Livre Blanc “Femmes, santé, climat, avançons ensemble vers la COP22” from Appel Climat Santé
@HElHaiteCop22 Nov 17
Signature of the Global Alliance of the ancestral know-how for climate

Annakhil, Royaume du Maroc

All unsustainable unfairness must STOP here and now;

@Regions20 Nov 17
Congratulations to
, then to the top of the women leaders  the for the Presidency of the green background for women! @ArnoldUpdate

@ECO4CLIM_Rdg Nov 16

Roundup by moderator M. Sabban Declaration Women Leaders and…

@CCCRdg Nov 16

Climate Solidarity Roundup by moderator M. Sabban Declaration Women Leaders and the Glocal’ TRAN…

@CCCRdg Nov 16

Roundup by moderator M. Sabban Declaration Women Leaders and the Glocal’ Summit

@Nasseneba_Toure Nov 16

Avec Mme Dominique SERRA Directrice Générale de la Holding



@IrinaBokova Nov 16

Thank you for the initiative. Access to clean energy leads to & is a key to fight

@natashai16 Nov 16
Thnx to supporting women in their fight against climate change 🌟

@Awwad_Nouhad Nov 16

Yohoo AKON is here at women leaders summit and talking about the need of electricity that he was deprived off in his childhood.

@HElHaiteCop22 Nov 16

Solar lights go down the street crime, allow the children to do their homework –

Thank you your commitment for the pr and pr struggle against the ! Let’s tackle !

@natashai16 Nov 16

Conclusions of the with Fathia Bennis and

@CCCRdg Nov 16
@ECO4CLIM_Rdg Nov 16

@natashai16 Nov 16
Bravo an example of fighting spirit and hope for women in the Cape Verde! We must all stay mobilized

@MyMaestroni Nov 16
‘Solidarity’, “humility”, “diversity + universality” conditions for the challenge of the climate fight
@natashai16 Nov 16
Nice work on the solidarity and unity of to the
The poem on climate change that shocked the UN
@CCCRdg Nov 16

Marshall Islands Poem Has Powerful Message for Women Leaders “Tell Men”

leaders, read at the moment at the top

@MyMaestroni Nov 16
From Marshall Isl inspiring lesson of wisdom+engagement. Women leadership at work to fight climate change

@HElHaiteCop22 Nov 16

. calls for to mobilize – and demand a clean, resilient and just energy system

We are here to support you and show that women are major actresses of combat change AC. –

@DerekaPieper Nov 16

Women have to be fully engaged if will be reached at

@CCCRdg Nov 16

on at Womens Leaders and the Peace & security

@IrinaBokova Nov 16
Women are not only victims of the , they are carriers of solutions

@CCCRdg Nov 16

M. Robinson reflect on “Doha miracle” & Focus on

@COP22 Nov 16
“We need examples of women in first line of action for the climate, resilient and ready to fight back,” Mary Robinson

@natashai16 Nov 16
Thanks to for his support in fault in women in their fight against climate change

@HElHaiteCop22 Nov 16
Mary Robinson congratulated the Moroccan women’s leadership for their commitments

Tomorrow is the first climate justice day – Robinson

The transition won’t happen without the and we need the transitional – Mary Robinson
Thank you and bravo @ @ for opening of the Women leaders Summit & global transformation

??🗓 Let’s tackle ! join the Women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit tommorow the the winter solstice goes on… _ _ _ …

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