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Dear All,

As a ngo climate change advocate I urge you all to take action on climate change. Everyone not only key stakeholders must plan for a #NetZero carbon urban development. The missing link is science and facts which again need to be highlighted in every H3 Declaration and Policy paper. Also in the New Urban Agenda to cope directly with a healthy relationship to our planetary boundaries. With regards to overlapping, crosscutting-sectorial and multilevel-disciplinary holistic approach, which is important and notable in our fast changing society.

I also urge you policy makers paving the road to the 2030 agenda for our future leaders. Simply refer to and measure carbon emissions numbers for all new infrastructure, buildings and transportation.

‘Green belts and urban growth boundaries seem like an excellent way to limit growth and preserve open space.
Indicators for consumption is another big issue that should be facilitated and tackled within the outcome of the Habitat 3 agreement. As stated in Prague “European Habitat Conference” Mr Joan Close~”Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions”. Uncontrolled consumption is a subject Habitat III must deal with. There is still some response time for this before prepCom3, to bring out the best of our #urbanthinkers.

What I’m referring to is the Carbon budget, which is not in the Paris agreement.

This planet has a limit to how much carbon dioxide it can hold from the usage of fossil fuels.

SIMPLE Climate Paris Agreement Truth in Facts and Numbers

Paris Agreement = 42 G tonnes of CO2 x 10 years = 420 (GTy-1)
420> than 400 Limite = >1.5 Degrees = Paris Agreement lies and says looks to , 1.5 Degrees

This contempt for Life will risk the future of humanity and our vulnerable earth, for something that we don’t need to do. To turn away from the truth is to risk the future of all children. We can’t avoid the rapid change coming to everything we are used to. Habitat III is now the body to inspire and make important decisions, for rational, radical and bold urban climate action.

In order to slow down rise in temperature and runaway climate change, echo the Carbon budget everywhere from local motion to planetary framework.

I think cities need urban decoys to predict and guideline citizenship within “Threshold of originality”.

“Focus on cities alone cannot tackle issues & challenges we face..we also need to consider the rural-urban continuum”.

I can only do this now – go bigger, think bigger n’ act greater. The time is not on our side.

/Thank you

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