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This course aims to explain the science of climate change, the risks it poses, and the solutions available to reduce those risks.

Join this course, Starts on 13 January, Duration: 8 weeks, 3 hours pw

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The course is aimed at the level of students entering university, and seeks to provide an inter-disciplinary introduction to what is a broad field. It engages a number of experts from the University of Exeter and a number of partner organisations.

The course will set contemporary human-caused climate change within the context of past nature climate variability. Then it will take a risk communication approach, balancing the ‘bad news’ about climate change impacts on natural and human systems with the ‘good news’ about potential solutions. These solutions can help avoid the most dangerous climate changes and increase the resilience of societies and ecosystems to those climate changes that cannot be avoided.

Tim Lenton

No previous experience or qualifications required

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