City Hall first new BREEAM classification

ENERGY / ENVIRONMENT Stockholm City Hall is the first building in Sweden, and the first town hall outside the UK, to be environment classified under the BREEAM In-Use standard; a new standard for environmental classification of existing buildings.

Stockholm_stadshus -Breeam_klassning

Photo: Yanan Li Stockholm City Hall.

The City Hall is the symbol of Stockholm, and first building in the city to be environmentally classified. The goal is for about 100 of the city’s buildings to be environmentally classified within five years.

Cultural attitudes are often opposed to greening. The City Hall’s certification is a testament to the city’s environmental efforts, says Madeleine Sjöstedt (FP) (Minister for Culture and Real Estate Commissioner).

– Over SEK 200 million has been spent on greening, and improving the energy efficiency of city buildings. The aim is to contribute to the city’s goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2015. All properties that the city owns and manages will be environmentally classified. Having completed the classification of the town hall, the next building to be classified is the Oscar Theatre, says  Madeleine Sjöstedt (FP) (Minister for Culture and Real Estate Commissioner).

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