Sport club organisation – Energy saving plan

Sports club organisation
Things that sports clubs can do to reduce their impact on the the environment in the U.K.

  • Recycling shower and shampoo bottles at all plants, thanks to a local ‘member firm’.
  • Showering with water-saving nozzles will help to conserve water resources.
  • By keeping the sauna / steam room to a maximum of 80°C, you help the environment by reducing energy consumption.
  • Providing recycling facilities on site.
  • Self-sorting all cans / plastic bottles, light bulbs, paper, cardboard, batteries and metal.
  • Using only ISO certified cleaning companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Using environmentally friendly office paper and receipt rolls.
  • Using timer-controlled ventilation where appropriate.
  • Installing motion sensor lighting in toilets in all new construction and renovation applications.

The sports organisation can also

  • Customize the lighting to environmentally friendly led lighting throughout the establishment. (also in facade signs).
  • Install motion sensor lighting throughout the resort.
  • Sign green energy contracts.
  • Install meter energy saving and auto-adjust the energy consumption.

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