Cycling in Reading vs Malmö vs Timisoara

Bikes are the most energy-efficient form of transport and can be faster and more predictable than car or bus for short journeys.

For example, at a relatively comfortable 10mph, you can cycle from Green Park to The Oracle in 15 minutes – burning around 100 calories in the process.

Cycling regularly can keep you fit, save you money (no tax, no fuel, no fares) and it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to travel.

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced cyclist, planning a journey to work, school or for leisure, Reading Borough Council is happy to provide copies of this cycle map. Please call 0118 937 4881 for hard copies. Alternatively it is online at

Reading Cycle Routes
This page provides detailed descriptions of the thirteen Reading Cycle Routes along with access to downloadable maps which provide information on the on-street cycle facilities, gradients and destinations en route. Each of the cycle routes terminates in central Reading, linking through a network of central cycle links to form a network encompassing the Reading Borough Council area and beyond

Download Reading cycle Network Route Map here:

Bicycle Malmö

Bicycle Malmö 2012 from Martin Lang on Vimeo.


Bicycle Timisoara

Zero emissions, reduced stress, a fitter body and money saved are the most popular individual wishes for the people wanting a sustainable urban area to live in. One human-powered vehicle can make those wishes coming true in a medium size Romanian city…

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