The doubling of a city’s production of solar electricity

The doubling of a city’s production of solar electricity

Stockholm’s largest photovoltaic plant has been inaugurated. The plant supplies approximately 180,000 kWh per year, which is a doubling of Stockholm’s production of solar electricity.

– I am proud that Ports of Stockholm now has a photovoltaic system that contributes to the increased use of an alternative and environmentally-friendly energy sources. This is the first time that a photovoltaic system has been economically viable, and produced a profit, says Sten Nordin (M), Mayor of Stockholm.

The photovoltaic system consists of 919 solar panels, which cover an area of 1,500 square meters and are mounted on the roof of Tray 6 in Frihamnen. Tray 6 is a giant ( 40 000 square meters ) building of archives, warehouses and offices. 15 percent of the building’s total annual electricity needs will be met by solar energy.

The price of solar panels has dropped so much that for the first time we can expect to be able to produce electricity at a cost that is competitive. We will pay a lower price for it, than we currently pay for “normal” electricity, says Helena Bonnier (M) , Chairman of the Ports of Stockholm.


How green is your university?

Green League results explained in 2 mins

People & Planet’s Green League is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance. It is compiled annually by the UK’s largest student campaigning network, People & Planet.

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The world’s dirtiest industries

According to a new report backed by the UN, coal mining and cattle ranching are the industries with the hardest impact on the environment. It costs more to fix the damage that these industries cause to the environment than industries generates in profit.

According to the report “Natural Capital at Risk – The Top 100 Externalities of Business”, coal power is the most hazardous industry in the world. The damage that the coal industry causes to the environment and on human health is primarily from greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. In East Asia the regional coal industry generates 443 billion dollars annually, and the North American this industry generates a profit of 247 billion dollars annually, according to the report. In both cases, the costs of preventing and repairing the damage that the industries have on the environment and on human health exceed the profits generated, as reported by the Environmental Leader.

Livestock farming in South America ranks as the second most dangerous environmental sector, because of the negative effect that cattle have on the sea, lakes and soils. The environmental cost amounts to $ 354 billion annually, while livestock production generates $ 18 billion annually.


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Cycling in Reading vs Malmö vs Timisoara

Bikes are the most energy-efficient form of transport and can be faster and more predictable than car or bus for short journeys.

For example, at a relatively comfortable 10mph, you can cycle from Green Park to The Oracle in 15 minutes – burning around 100 calories in the process.

Cycling regularly can keep you fit, save you money (no tax, no fuel, no fares) and it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to travel.

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced cyclist, planning a journey to work, school or for leisure, Reading Borough Council is happy to provide copies of this cycle map. Please call 0118 937 4881 for hard copies. Alternatively it is online at

Reading Cycle Routes
This page provides detailed descriptions of the thirteen Reading Cycle Routes along with access to downloadable maps which provide information on the on-street cycle facilities, gradients and destinations en route. Each of the cycle routes terminates in central Reading, linking through a network of central cycle links to form a network encompassing the Reading Borough Council area and beyond

Download Reading cycle Network Route Map here:

Bicycle Malmö

Bicycle Malmö 2012 from Martin Lang on Vimeo.


Bicycle Timisoara

Zero emissions, reduced stress, a fitter body and money saved are the most popular individual wishes for the people wanting a sustainable urban area to live in. One human-powered vehicle can make those wishes coming true in a medium size Romanian city…

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An idea for Readings new bicycling and walking plan


It should feel natural and safe to both walk and cycle from one neighbourhood to another. Options that make the idea more appealing  include pedestrian and bike paths, green space, lighting and safe pedestrian crossings in traffic.

The idea of ??the future Reading is for the community to be built block by  block into a close, safe and environmentally friendly town. The goal is vibrant neighbourhoods throughout Greater Reading, not just in the inner city.

It is part of our urban mobility strategy to make it easier to cycle in Reading throughout the yea ( and for the amount of cycle-miles to increase. A new Bicycle Plan explains how to increase bicycle commuting and how it will be easier and safer to ride in Reading.

The number of cyclists in Reading has increased significantly over the past ten years. More and more people have discovered the benefits of cycling as a means of transport. The bicycle is a simple, fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly means of transport. You also get free exercise, and enjoy the health benefits of cycling. The city is currently working on a new bike plan to improve the accessibility for cyclists.

To develop the cycle network further, Reading is developing a new bike plan, which include a range of measures to build more bike paths and bike lanes, building bicycle commuter routes to facilitate bike commuting, and improving the service by building more bicycle parking, changing the priority of traffic signals and improving operation and maintenance. The Bicycle Plan was adopted by the Transport and the Real Estate Committee and the Environment and Health Committee in October 2012 and by the Borough Council in February 2013.


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Bike Week 2013

Bike Week, the UK’s biggest mass participation cycling event, had almost half a million people taking part in the celebrations of cycling across the UK in 2012.

Bike Week events offered something for everyone; from families, schools and companies, to seasoned cyclists and those who have never cycled before.

Bike Week 2013 will take place between 15 – 23 June. Don’t miss out and register your interest now to receive the latest news from us!

On vacation we do not consider the environment

Although many of us think of to make environmentally friendly choices in everyday life, when it comes to the holiday we prioritize other things.

Most tourists opt out of taking the green option when it comes to travel planning, especially regarding the mode of transport they use.

– Many people think of the environment in their everyday lives, for example they recycle, cycle or take public transportation to work and choosing organic foods – but when it comes to the holiday, it may seem that they do not want to take responsibility for the environment, but other things may control decisions, says Therese Hedlund ..

“Feels far away”

Her study shows that our decisions are more often based on individual, rather than the collective benefits when it comes to travel.

– For example flying is a quick and convenient way to get around when you have time constraints or are traveling with children, but the negative environmental impacts will affect us collectively. These negative feelings feel far away when we are making the decision, says Therese Hedlund.

Ironically tourists are also not willing to pay for an environmentally-friendly tour operator when considering the mode of transport to get to their destination, will however consider an environmentally-friendly, and often more expensive, accommodations at the resort.

– By choosing an eco-labelled accommodation you can show others that you are willing and able to pay for an accommodation that is more beneficial for the environment. This behaviour can provide status in today’s society, says Therese Hedlund.



Based on a dissertation from Umeå University in Sweden that used two different surveys, one with 681, and the other with 732 response participants. The average age of the participants was 44 and 52 years, and there were equal numbers of men and women in both surveys.