On vacation we do not consider the environment

Although many of us think of to make environmentally friendly choices in everyday life, when it comes to the holiday we prioritize other things.

Most tourists opt out of taking the green option when it comes to travel planning, especially regarding the mode of transport they use.

– Many people think of the environment in their everyday lives, for example they recycle, cycle or take public transportation to work and choosing organic foods – but when it comes to the holiday, it may seem that they do not want to take responsibility for the environment, but other things may control decisions, says Therese Hedlund ..

“Feels far away”

Her study shows that our decisions are more often based on individual, rather than the collective benefits when it comes to travel.

– For example flying is a quick and convenient way to get around when you have time constraints or are traveling with children, but the negative environmental impacts will affect us collectively. These negative feelings feel far away when we are making the decision, says Therese Hedlund.

Ironically tourists are also not willing to pay for an environmentally-friendly tour operator when considering the mode of transport to get to their destination, will however consider an environmentally-friendly, and often more expensive, accommodations at the resort.

– By choosing an eco-labelled accommodation you can show others that you are willing and able to pay for an accommodation that is more beneficial for the environment. This behaviour can provide status in today’s society, says Therese Hedlund.



Based on a dissertation from Umeå University in Sweden that used two different surveys, one with 681, and the other with 732 response participants. The average age of the participants was 44 and 52 years, and there were equal numbers of men and women in both surveys.


Source: http://www.expressen.se/res/pa-semestern-bryr-vi-oss-inte-om-miljon/

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