Is this what we can expect from a four degree increase in temperature by 2050?

It this what we can expect from a four degree increase in temperature by 2050?

  • The sea rises, and at least 1.5 million people are homeless only in Egypt.
  • Bangladesh loses over 30% of their lands, tens of millions of people become homeless.
  • Antarctic ice may melt quickly and sea levels rise by five meters.
  • Agricultural production is decreasing globally.
  • Most of the Indian subcontinent becomes dehydrated.
  • Drought affects especially south-western North America, Central America, the Mediterranean and South Africa.
  • In Southern Europe disappear 70% of the summer rains, heat waves lasting an average of 65 days longer.
  • Forest fires in the Alps.
  • British summer temperatures are likely to reach 45? C
  • Europe receives 80% less snowfall, creating water shortages.
  • A little better harvests in Canada and Russia.
  • Greenland ice melts rapidly, as the Antarctic ice. It can create an “Atlantic circulation,” which can temporarily cool Western Europe and lead to severe storms.
  • Permafrost in Siberia melts; large amounts of methane are released. Since methane is 23 times stronger than carbon dioxide, this could at a stroke increase greenhouse gas emissions by 700%.

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