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Call for Support – Monthly Car-Free Work-Day in Reading and UK!?

Dear One, please highlight our campaign for a Monthly Car-Free Work-Day in Reading and UK! #MyCarFreeDaysRdg

The air pollution benefits are many and will generate prosperity to every community, all you have to do is sign and share this petition link in your network:

Car-Free Day Great Britain_petition
Car-Free Day Great Britain


Let´s work together to help achieve this, it will be an important step in solving and laying a just and fair developing pathway.

“Applaud people for taking any mode of transport apart from driving in a car by themselves, reward people for taking greener or more active modes of transport”

2015 CHANGE will honour the 2-degree Celsius limit as a limit to safeguard the world environment in Togethernessship 😉

Thank you!

[A regular car-free work-day in Reading could fuel an International monthly Car-Free Work-Day which could be an astonishing example of traffic development and public realm. Reading has great potential to embrace the sustainable pathway and become a British role-model in climate change (the air is our all urban common) to honour a successful climate change agreement taking place in Paris December 2015.]

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