‘ATON’s CU2rse’

Charm El-Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

26-Rabi al-thani-1445


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Crack On Egypt!

SUCCESS but not in the txt 🌍 #Geb

THE UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC #COP27) 🇪🇬

The #Youth movement is building momentum (#SDGs)

From #climatechange increase to decrease 2025 to half emissions by 2030

“Atmospheric levels of all three greenhouse gases hit record high – These are respectively 149%, 262% and 124% of pre-industrial levels.”


A very unique opportunity for the Old Kingdom and Africa to follow up on track with the Conference of the Parties (COPS)

4 The BLA-BLANKH Tablet of #Egypt:

The stakes of #COP27 (9), scheduled

for Charm al-Shankh took place

6-18 November 2022, the sixth COP

after COP21(3) (COP25 was cancelled), offered 30 000 delegates

renewable transportation to visit the

6 🔺🔺🔺^^^ GIZA plateau,

The Karnak and Luxor complexes

and The Grand Egyptian Museum

#Pyragram 4

The Giza #MEarth Grid, the SUM of all points – “Point Nil” #396

Let’s do this 2slow #climatechange

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #UprootTheSystem #climatemoonchangeisreal

#Egypt #Luxor #egitoantigo #Karnak #Giza #TheGeometrycode #5184 #369

#gizaplateautemplate #suncross #5D #108

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The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

Schwarzenegger Climate Action

Alexander Van der Bellen, we are as excited for his speech tomorrow,  Tuesday as you are! 🎤
Austrian Federal president @vanderbellen has been a dedicated environmentalist since the beginning of his political career and traditionally takes over patronage of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT.

Quickly address the Ukraine War and geopolitical fallout.


According to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human-induced climate change has caused widespread adverse impacts on ecosystems, people, settlements, and infrastructure resulting from observed increases in the frequency and intensity of climate and extreme weather events such as heatwave, powerful cyclone, heavy precipitation events leading to flood, drought, and wildfire.

Climate change (CC), the loss of nature and persistent poverty are complex problems threatening our societies, economies and ecosystems.

Ensuring Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) can influence decision-making, have agency over environment and development actions, and control over finances and resources is important as active agents of change. The green global South will identify the challenges and build momentum for the uptake of critical solutions and drive forward the transformation needed at all levels to enhance support for just, equitable and locally-led solutions through the decade ahead.

The role of locally-led action for people, nature and climate, and proposes recommendations for governments, multilateral development banks and global funds to drive change through support for local level decision-making over resources and finance.

Multiple estimates has gone wrong simply cos global warming is trapping heat faster and faster with feedback added. Scale is not comprehended, urban growth, the sole main factor putting natural environment in decline.

How can so called stake holders go about?

A day of thought-provoking (changing) talks and discussions on how global climate change is acting as a threat multiplier, accelerating and intensifying hazard risks, and how stake holders navigate the future pre the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh in addressing ‘Loss and Damage’, climate mitigation and adaptation.

/IRDR 12th Annual Conference – Disaster Risk, Loss and Damage, or Action


So go with the flow put the bagel in the middle, the planet already divided in 400+ regions – perfect.

Adopt a stake holder organisation for each region, keep it local.

“We have drawn lessons from previous state-level summits on climate: we must change our way of thinking and doing. It’s time. Decisions coming from the top do not work, it is out of the science and field-level that initiatives must be born. If all the regions and cities of the world take concrete action, unite their efforts and create a value chain with businesses as well as public and private investors, around portfolios of real projects in the green economy sector (energy, efficiency, renewable energy, storage, waste management, water management and green jobs), then we will have a real chance of halting the climate fluctuations and redesigning our economic model based on energy transition. We will need everyone to reach an agreement at COP This is why we are calling on all leaders of regions, cities and local government, all businesses and investors, to join us in a better future for our children.”~A.S.2014

Recommendations for non-state actors, time for action. Really a Climate #Scienceaction opportunity (operative), with United Nations normative Climate Action Agenda it’s a match made in Heaven. The success of Climate Chance 2017 offer a mandate to go ahead and fulfil an important role, the urgency of implementation of the SDGs together with the Loss & Damage agenda.

Debated was a proposed platform/facility for Multi-actors governance and Multi-stakeholders to carry out this future operative role. An independent UN Partner for Decentralized Urban/Rural Cooperation to Assess and Enhance Strategic Effectiveness of the UN perhaps?

Follow suit of Climate Chance Stakeholder Org, France for a great successful operative stake holder initiative. Ready to multiply by 200 this year another 200 next year. Easy peasy, but we’re out of time. There are about 10 similar orgs like ICLE, Munich RE, IIED IISG, UNDRR, The Marrakech Partnership, FEMP, CCRE CEMR, GIZ, SEEDS India, CEEW + +


Terminate pollution – No time to waste, time management

What comes after disaster events – Extinction events ~ 1/3 survival rate.


Why and how to recognise and enshrine Ecocide in international Law

  • creates rule to prevent serious harm to nature
  • compliments human rights to a clean and healthy environment
  • protects eco systems in an off themselves from the worst harms

Stop Ecocide –


After thoughts? Check out Arnold’s Stammtisch –


Why so little life in our universe?, Cos planets resets


Of course climate change has affected the Moon, our closed body and will return soon with another unknown CC feed-back effect to prepare for. I wonder if it not already started resonate with a few unusual colour spectra.

Human caused CC can be compared with a human caused comet event.
What needed is change, change of direction <>

It’s still possible to have impact before actual impact happens. Will it solve the problem, it will slow the problem – How long for?, until the next disaster.

Humankind has caused many disasters. Scale is a human problem. Are we the problem?

Survival Ego cannot survive from catastrophic events so the EGO must be controlled, then addressed.



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What comes after disaster events – Extinction events ~ 1/3 survival rate.


Why and how to recognise and enshrine Ecocide in international Law

  • create rule to prevent serious harm to nature
  • compliment human rights to a clean and healthy environment
  • protect eco systems in an of themselves from the worst harms

Stop Ecocide –



5916 AM

Pre COP27 Presidency 7-18 November 2022
Informal Working Group LD3 / Round 3
– Acceleration m0bilisation of finance
– Digital transformation and effective partnerships
– Collective action and strengthened multilateral cooperation

GREEN SPILLING must take care of negative climate change overspill

Numbers and climate change, on the brink to collapse

Conference on the Human Environment (CHE I)
1972 is 50 years and need to overlap 22 years until 2044
1922  CHE II is 11+72 years until 2106

We are out of time..

#UNEP50 #Stockholm50 #COP27 #Agenda2030

We must stand up and save our planet MEarth

THE UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC #COP27🇪🇬
The #Youth movement is building momentum (#SDGs)

A very unique opportunity for the Old Kingdom and Africa to get back on track with the Conference of the Parties (COPS)

4 The BLA-BLANKH Tablet of #Egypt:
The stakes of #COP27 (9), scheduled
for Sharm al-Shankh will take place
7-18 November 2022, the sixth COP
after COP21(3). 30 000 delegates on
renewable transportation to visit the
6   ^^^ GIZA plateau,
The Karnak and Luxor complexes
and The Grand Egyptian Museum

#Pyragram 4

The Giza #MEarth Grid, the SUM of all points – “Point Nil” #396

Let’s do this 2slow #climatechange
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #UprootTheSystem

#Egypt #Luxor #Karnak #Giza #TheGeometrycode #5184 #369
#gizaplateautemplate #suncross #5D #324 #108
#pyramid #cross #Everything12 #chinampa #formidable

Stockholm+50: A Healthy Planet for the Prosperity of All – Our Responsibility, Our Opportunity


04 – Goals 8, 9, 17

How do policy processes have to change to rebuild trust and enable power sharing at all levels of environmental decision making, implementation and monitoring?

What tools and services support effective implementation, monitoring and enforcement at the country level?

How can we immediately address some of the main barriers to full and meaningful participation of youth, Indigenous and frontline communities, women and other key stakeholders in accelerated implementation?

How are public-private partnerships, leadership coalitions, and civil society innovations changing the policy, finance, and business landscape, and transforming production and consumption worldwide?

03  – Goals 8, 10

How can we ensure that COVID-19 recovery processes are sustainable and equitable? 

How do we ensure that developing countries are not left behind when it comes to green recovery, ensuring a just, sustainable and equitable recovery? 

How can we ensure recovery processes are aligned with the 2030 Agenda?  

What role do companies play in the green transition? 

Following the resolution on rights to a healthy environment, which rights-based approaches can be included in contracts in key impact sectors? 

02 – Goals 3, 10

How can we renew and restore a positive relationship with nature?

How do we ensure the rights of the poor, marginalized and most vulnerable communities dependent on healthy ecosystems are protected?

Which consumption and production changes are needed to deliver net positive outcomes for nature?

What can we learn from Indigenous peoples, local communities and interfaith groups in resetting our relationship with nature?

What is the role of science and education in reconnecting people with nature?

End-of-the-circus statement

#cop26As social movements and civil society organisations, we exist to uphold the centrality of  life, people and planet, and fight until we win a better existence for all. It is our duty to tell the truth about the world we all share and the crises that engulf us. This is the truth about COP26.

Even before it began, COP26 was presented as a resounding success. Those of us who could find a way around the vaccine apartheid, “hostile environment”, constantly changing quarantine rules,  challenges of visa processing, and exhorbitant prices which made the ‘most inclusive summit in history’ the most exclusionary ever, found ourselves locked out of the negotiations. Meanwhile the fossil fuel industry and other merchants of misery had a red carpet welcome, and made up the single largest delegation at COP26. We came to Glasgow and found ourselves in Davos, policed heavily while the criminals were feted.

For days we were force-fed long pronouncements, speeches and declarations from so-called world leaders in government and business, who descended in their private jets and broke the rules the rest of us were expected to comply with to tell us to applaud them. But being honest we must say these statements are delusions – a distraction from the truth, and a dangerous one at that. For the richest countries, the relationship between affirmation and action doesn’t exist. The ugly reality is that developed countries are all in favour of climate action — as long as they don’t have to do much of the work themselves.

Year after year we have tried to intervene as these negotiations drift further away from their purpose. The process, stacked as it is in favour of the powerful, has not led to binding commitments to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius and the redistribution of resources to ensure a just transition, but instead to flexible and voluntary “contributions” misaligned with science and divorced from justice. Across three decades in this process we have witnessed polluters’ great escape, an historic shifting of burden from rich to poor, from those who created these injustices to those upon whom these injustices are forced. There may be some language in some texts that have been the smallest of victories but 26 consecutive COPs have in practice ignored the need to pay the outrageous historical debt owed to the global south by the global north.

Instead there is an endless parade of false solutions, empty promises and fake, opportunistic announcements empty in their content and dangerous in their implications. Marked by corporate capture, the very talks that are meant to foster global collaboration to address climate change have now become the main vehicle for corporate and government “greenwashing.”

COP26 marks the zenith of a new era in the sorry saga of international climate politics, marked by cynicism, corporate capture and state complicity in the expansion of the death machinery of fossil fuels that is a death sentence for millions of Indigenous Peoples and local communities across the global south that already are living the worst impacts of climate change. The age of climate denial is over; the era of climate colonialism is upon us.

Developed countries speak with a forked tongue about urgency and ambition. The only urgency and ambition they feel is to maintain their domination of the rest of the world, its people and resources. They make headlines by pledging to do something at some point in the future, but wriggle out of any system to hold them to account.

Instead of clear rules and commitments based on science and equity, they set about creating loopholes and carbon markets to “offset” rather than cut emissions, by commodifying nature and shifting burdens through carbon trading to the South — burdens that will be disproportionately forced onto and violate the rights of women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, and frontline communities. Under the cover of “nature-based solutions,” they advance large scale biomass burning, carbon storage technologies, the commodification of the ocean, and practices that will displace food production and force continued deforestation.

They talk about how important climate finance is, and how they can’t leave the vulnerable to suffer. The repeatedly broken promise of $100 billion per year, which is a mere fraction of the amount they are obligated to provide,  makes a mockery of this. Instead of making clear commitments to deliver new climate finance in line with the unfathomable need of developing countries, they roll out the carpet for the financial industry to profit even more from climate breakdown.

Developed countries keep talking about how adaptation and redressing loss and damage are crucial, yet continue to avoid any liability and block finance for the communities on the frontlines from harmful impacts. So instead of a multilateral agreement that puts forward a clear path to address the climate crisis, we are left with a document that takes us further down the path of climate injustice.

Therefore, we, the undersigned global civil society organizations and social movements demand:

  • No more “net zero” lies and empty promises. We demand pathways that urgently and justly deploy real, people-centered solutions to get us to Real Zero by 2030 in developed countries and by 2050 in developing countries.
  • No more false solutions such as carbon markets and geoengineering which waste time, displace communities, and destroy ecosystems for the profit of polluters and allow wealthy countries to escape their responsibility.
  • Real solutions to really address the climate crisis must be on the basis and in benefit of local and indigenous communities and grassroots organizations avoiding large scale, extractivist and corporate control projects.
  • Polluting governments and corporations must pay for the damage they cause. The industries that have fueled the climate crisis, funded climate denial, and blocked action for decades must be held liable. This means ensuring that they are held criminally and financially responsible, and that they are made to end their abusive practices.
  • Rapid and equitable phase out of fossil fuel production and consumption through a just transition, with each country committing to and delivering on their fair shares of climate action based on historical and continuing responsibilities to benefit local and historically displaced grassroots communities. Clear targets and timetables including for the immediate and near term period to reach global real zero by 2050.
  • Urgent delivery of climate finance – way beyond the unfulfilled $100 billion per year target, that is sufficient and responsive to the actual climate needs of people and local communities in the Global South. Climate Finance should be public, non-debt creating, and its delivery must follow an inclusive process that will ensure that the contributions are based on equity and fair-shares, and without conditions. Climate finance must include coverage of Loss and Damage. A separate dedicated finance facility must be set up to meet this obligation. 




We must stand up and save our planet MEarth

THE UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC #COP27) 🇪🇬
The #Youth movement is building momentum (#SDGs)

A very unique opportunity for the Old Kingdom and Africa to get back on track with the Conference of the Parties (COPS)

4 The BLA-BLANKH Tablet of #Egypt:
The stakes of #COP27 (9), scheduled
for Sharm al-Shankh will take place
7-18 November 2022, the sixth COP
after COP21(3). 30 000 delegates on
renewable transportation to visit the
6   ^^^ GIZA plateau,
The Karnak and Luxor complexes
and The Grand Egyptian Museum

#Pyragram 4

The Giza #MEarth Grid, the SUM of all points – “Point Nil” #396

Let’s do this 2slow #climatechange
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #UprootTheSystem

#Egypt #Luxor #Karnak #Giza #TheGeometrycode #5184 #369
#gizaplateautemplate #suncross #5D #324 #108
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The ONLY Climate CO2lution

10 bullet points for survival to avoid underground living –> #G20 #COP26Summit ~ #COP27 and beyond.. #ClimateChangeAwareness #ClimateSummit2021 #ClimateAction

  • The Straight of Gibraltar to become a barrier (Messinian again)
  • Disconnect the Mediterranean Sea from the oceans
  • Turn the Mediterranean to a brack-water sea
  • The world’s population give up everything and move to a doughnut area around the Mediterranean Sea
  • Settle within a 400 mile radius around the Sacred Mediterranean Sea
  • Sit tight for 12 years, the planet needs to rest
  • Or, as long its needed for the climate to restore balance
  • Assurance, humanity will be fine growing food locally, using desalinated water
  • World to unite, total arms control and disarmament, shared economy, finally
  • Not one person will sign up to this fun experience – wonder why?


#Climatemoonchange is equal to Ecocide

As the Moon is dependent on the Mother Earth, so is the MEarth dependent on the Moon.

The Moon protects MEarth. The Moon’s climate is likely to become affected by climate change on MEarth. This is #climatemoonchange.

The gravitational mass coupling (rhythmic (rotational metronome synchronisation), down-scale and up-scale (non-local climate physics)) between the MEarth and the Moon is a life supporting transmission of energy. We now have to acknowledge the climate change interference between the Moon and MEarth. In only ten years, we will notice an energetic climate change effect on the Moon and at the very same time we will be aware of its feedback loops.

This is the last piece of the disaster puzzle. The final tipping point 258. It is possible the MEarth’s climate change shall alter the Moon’s climate by 10-12%

No need to substantiate this likely claim with any links to a recognised authority’s website, astronomical or climatologist organisation. Planetary body relations are arbitrage 1:4 alt 1:81.

As the Earth’s relation with the Moon in ebb and flow gravitational forcing, pregnancy and reflecting of light, nightlight, marine reproduction light etc…. Any interference of shift in the poles, the tilt, the wobble will affect absolutely everything.

It’s even possible the rise of the sea level could start slowing the 28 days Moon cycle. If so, both days and night would be longer. Women’s reproductive cycle ++ many animals gestation periods,  28 days x 10 loops = 280 days will be altered (the moon is the factor that regulate woman’s menstruation cycle).

Change of Mother Earth rhythm from the last 200 years of human activity is impossible to fix by 2030. It has taken millions of years to stabilise the Earth habitat in harmony with the Moon in such an intimate & delicately finetuned balance. From now on we can only slow and delay damage control with climate emergency preparedness. The worst horrors at first, also preparedness against the blackest Swan if the very worst ONE is to arrive…

…if the Earth gravitational attraction weakens and the distance to the Moon will be out of reach..

#Ecocide #EcocideLaw

Amendment to the “Ecocide draft e


1. For the purpose of this Statute, “ecocide” means unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts.

2. For the purpose of paragraph 1:
a. “Wanton” means with reckless disregard for damage which would be clearly excessive in relation to the social and economic benefits anticipated;
b. “Severe” means damage which involves very serious adverse changes, disruption or harm to any element of the environment, including grave impacts on human life or natural, cultural or economic resources;
c. “Widespread” means damage which extends beyond a limited geographic area, crosses state boundaries, or is suffered by an entire ecosystem or species or a large number of human beings;
d. “Long-term” means damage which is irreversible or which cannot be redressed through natural recovery within a reasonable period of time;
e. “Environment” means the earth, its biosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, ITS MOON as well as outer space.


Inscription in entrance Khufu pyramid #5184





Inscription in entrance Khufu pyramid


!So happy I rediscovered the 12-based number system 1.2. It’s failproof and makes sense every single time 📐


If the Glyphs Inscription, Emblem, Seal is equivalent to the Great Pyramid’s number #5184 (1296°x4) Pyramidhedron 4 in 1 – 5184°, see As below…


51844815 = 1512 (42) = 0.67+0.33 = 1(9) 👉1👈


48155184/88 = #547218 Colour Hex 😊


5184     51

4815     84

9999 = 36 x 2 = √5184 = 1 Djeba of 0.72 (142857) in x 4 = 2.88 (857142) palm


Pyramid #Khufu’s exact measurements & 1.0206


Base 740,270221272  alt 740.66667 alt 741.619848 ➡️ 756.9


Half-base 370.135111 alt 370.333335 370.809924 ➡️ 378.45


Hight 471.699057 ➡️ 481.41


Hypotenuse 600 ➡️ 612.36


Slant 51.84 51 50’40


Edge 42


I’m honoured 2b in touch with some amazing SGD

@instagram fellows


🌀 ♾ 📏 📐 💫 These guys are totally ancient rebirths, reincarnated ♠️


Do follow the peps,

1 @sagesilent The One and only Mr DUBUAR (DB3R in Hebrew) alias #Hemiunu picking #DaVincis brain literally. At some point the hidden God chamber will be excavated. If you join the next Pyramid Explorer AIP Tour (American Institute of Pyramid Research, check out their logo) – You might want 2b there when it happens👌 💫  April, shout! Links in bio, to #magic in #Egypt!

2 @theoryofevery0ne sitting on the great code of TheoryofeveryOne CHECK IT OUT

3 @louiseevans.11 – Stunning quality maker 11

4 @thebardcode One of the SGD (Sacred Geometry Decoders) of all times

5 @369moriya First Spiritualist


Of course massive gratitude to Manu Seyfzadeh, Zahi Hawass and all Egyptian Egyptologists


What if the real #HolyArk of #Egypt never reached the Temple of #Solomon in #Jerusalem. Could the original #ArkofConvent still be hidden in an undiscovered secret void in-under the #GreatPyramid, in a secret void, under the #WhiteHouse #Washington, or under Hemiunu’s tomb, So below…


“Alpha inside Omega &

Outside the Beginning, inside the End”


#Encryption #DaVinci #Pyramid #TheGreatPyramid #meaning #AlphaOmega #AΩ

#therealdavincicode #Giza #TheCode-X #Egypt2021AχΩ #leonardodavinci #Void