Climate Change Centre Reading

Climate Change Centre Reading

This is the notice board and conference group to bring together businesses, the community, the Government and education who want to learn about Climate Change,and to create collaborative momentum to reduce CO2 and develop sustainability in the Thames Valley Berkshire, and beyond.

The Climate Change Centre Reading community notice board has been fairly successful. It was good that we managed to extend the Climate Change consultation, but we do not yet know how many more businesses will be / want to be engaged in a reinvestment process? We will find out, since we are determined to ensure that Reading’s climate change strategy provides the basis for real improvement in making our business environment greener, cleaner and more innovative sustainable.

How can Reading find its identity and solutions to meet future climate change challenges locally? Let us know what we can do to improve Reading’s climate goals and targets to develop the Climate Change programme to become a leader in the U.K. driving Readings bid for the 2020 European Green Capital Award.

For every energy saving you adapt to, part of the contribution goes to support your local Climate Change Centre Reading, where it is possible to monitor Thames Valley Berkshires actions towards becoming a net zero CO2 zone.

Rather than waiting for legislation, think about what impact businesses and local government can make together meeting and exceeding set carbon targets.

Purpose or Main Advocacy

First we would like to express the importance for inclusion and participation of the process leading up to Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda.

Climate Change Centre Reading (CCCRdg) a non-for-profit climate change community group linking our changing climate with urban and rural local placemaking innovation with regards to disaster response. CCCRdg is a local community group in Reading (London 45min) which over a 3 year period has grown a fantastic network.

“The community group Climate Change Centre – Rdg (CCCRdg) will share experiences in developing community practice that combine urban and rural success with minimal climate impact. Climate change adaptation and mitigation must have a realistic green business case if we are to succeed in using it as a new way of generating “soft wealth” that also safeguards the future for our children.”

Community activities including proposals, motions and campaigns we, as part om the UK Climate Movement, are bridging knowledge and information for a better world leading up to the 2030 agenda.

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